Being Content in ALL Things

Message of the day:
We have to be Content.

Being Content is the key to True happiness and to True gratefulness in Christ.It's how you are able to Fully walk in your calling.
In today's time EVERYONE wants to be Famous and KNOWN so they're never content with what they already have or with the portion God has given them.

Just a quick FACT: everyone cannot be famous so lets be realistic. what ever it is that you do seek to do do it for the Glory of God not just because you want to be famous. God will promote you  when, where and how He sees fit.Don't look at how one person gets promoted and say "well I want that I should be getting that type of promotion too".What God has for them is for them. Your calling is not the same as anyone else therefore that person may need that type of blessing/promotion because of what their calling is.Be CONTENT in what ever situation you're in. Its offensive to God to not be satisfied with what He gives you. Especially when He gives to you inspite of.Its offensive to God to think we know more than him and say things like well "how come they got a Benz and I got a honda?" It's ungrateful and not content.  we have to realize that how God blesses and favors others is NONE of our business. and to keep mouths off of other ppl and their blessing and promotions because you don't know their calling and what they NEED for their calling.How to be content? Well you seek God, spend time with God, read His word, pray.Ask God to show you the vision for your life and your calling. when you get that you'll be able to know what your vision,destiny and lane is. Next step would be to be GRATEFUL that GOD has saw fit to prepare ANYTHING for you. Be Faithful.  TRUE gratefulness comes with Contentment.

VERSES: "Now that I speak in respect of want:For I have learned in whatsoever state I am,therewith to be CONTENT." Philippians 4:11, 
"Let nothing be done through strife or VainGlory; But in Lowliness of Mind Let each esteem other better than themselves." Philippians 2:3.

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