"FOCUS" Devotion Day #14: Pure Thoughts (Results that come from being in the presence of God) 

Devotion Day #14: Pure Thoughts (Results that come from being in the presence of God) 

What have you allowed your mind to think on? What takes up most of your thoughts? 
   In Philippians 4, the Apostle Paul sends a very encouraging letter, teaching contentment to the people.  At the end of his message he tells the Philippians to think on Pure, honest, lovely things. Things that are of good report(Phil 4:8). He wanted the people to know that no matter what they had or didn't have, they had God. No matter what their situation was, they could look at it with the eyes of gratitude, in pure, lovely ways. 
   Satan wants God’s people to focus on all of what he’s causing in their lives instead, to keep their focus off of the good things of God. What areas of your life could you look into and say, I will think of this situation with purity and show gratitude from now on? In what ways can you show more contentment for what you do have, rather than allow your thoughts to be focused on what you don’t have? 

Father, thank you for your presence. I ask that you allow me to think on and exude lovely, pure, honest, just things in every area of my life. Direct my mind and heart to focus on things that are of a good report; the things that coincide with the will of your kingdom. 
In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Devotional Scriptures to Ponder On: 

Phil 4:8 

● Today's Focus point is (Results that come from the presence of God)


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