"FOCUS" Devotion Day #15: "Obtaining the Principle Thing" (Operating in the Wisdom of Christ) 

Devotion Day #15:  "Obtaining the Principle Thing" (Operating in the Wisdom of Christ) 

Have you ever been in a situation where you just felt you needed wisdom? Not an ordinary wisdom, but a supernatural wisdom? The wisdom that can only come from God? 
   Proverbs 4:7 tells us, “Wisdom is the principle thing.” Principle, in other words means truth. We sometimes face situations where we need truth revealed, so we can act on things the way God who knows all truth would. I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit who can guide us into this direction of truth (John 16:13). Sometimes in a still small voice, a news article, a close friend, sermon or blog. He will reveal the wisdom and truth we are seeking. He will share with us the wisdom that we need in order to handle each situation as He would, to pass each test and move forward in the most complex situations.  
   It’s a blessing to know that it is possible to handle our life’s encounters with the wisdom that Comes from the mind of the Lord (1Cor 2:16). I love the display of God’s wisdom in the story of Adam and Eve after they committed sin. God’s wisdom saw their nakedness and knew [was very aware] they were naked far before time, circumstance and chance had revealed Adam and Eve’s nakedness to themselves (Gen 3:6-11). This scripture shows us that God is wise far beyond what we could ever be. What their eyes had to be opened to (Because they couldn’t see it), God knew of it all along. 
   I encourage you to ask God for wisdom. He will give it to you liberally (Jas 1:5). Then seek to apply the wisdom He shares with you as you walk in current and future life situations. 

Incline thine ear to wisdom, apply thy heart to understanding.  
Prov 2:2 

Father, I know I don’t always get things right that’s why you are God.  I ask that you open up my eyes to your wisdom. Bless my heart with understanding. Allow me to be disciplined in seeking your heart for every area and situation of my life.  
In Jesus’ name. Amen.  

Devotional Scriptures to Ponder On: 
Prov 4:7 
John 16:13 
1Cor 2:16 
Jas 1:5  
Prov 2:2 

Today's focus point  is "Operating in the Wisdom of Christ" 


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