"FOCUS SERIES" Devotion Day #1: Faith (Things of Eternal value)

Devotion Day #1: Faith (Things of Eternal value) 

There are a many ways God prepares us. 
1. One way being by testing and building our faith. 

Many of you may wonder what is God's purpose for always dealing with the #Faith of His people? Especially since it may be unfamiliar and feel uncomfortable at times. 
This is because faith is one of the things that will always abide(1Cor 13:13). It will carry on into heaven when we get there. There is a testing because, no imperfect thing can make it into the kingdom of heaven (Even our imperfect bodies must first be glorified (1Cor 15:50-53)). Therefore it must be tried.  
 It's The Lord's desire that our faith be perfected in such a way as to be fit for the kingdom and stand the test of fire (1Pet 1:7) 

Are you allowing God to perfect your faith? (1Thess 10-13) 


Examine my faith. I allow you in from here on out to try my faith and perfect it daily. Show me in your word where you desire my faith to stretch. If there be any area of unbelief in my life, reveal it and purify it with your word until it comes forth as total belief and unshakable faith in you. Perfect my faith to believe all of you and all of what your kingdom entails.  In Jesus' name. Amen. 

Today's Focus point is "Things of Eternal value" 

God bless you all, 

Shalayna Janelle  

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