"FOCUS SERIES" Devotion #Day 12: The Anointing of Worship (The presence of God) 

Devotion #Day 12: The Anointing of Worship (The presence of God) 

The God who speaks, hears, has character and feelings. The only One True and Living God. Not only is He worthy of worship for those reasons, but for countless other reasons also. 
  All throughout scripture we see the topic of worship addressed. Whether like the woman with the alabaster box who washed Jesus' feet with her hair (Lk 7:36-50). Or the widow who gave her last two mites(Money) (Mk 12:41-44). In both stories, they gave their all in humility. They were both rendering acts of worship but in two totally different scenarios. This is fascinating because we’re shown here, a humble heart and giving all of oneself is what Jesus looks for (Lk 10: 38-42). These women both had a response to the Lord in their situations that was pleasing to Him. 
  How do you respond to God on a daily basis? Is you’re heart in full devotion toward the Lord? Are you living with a mindset of humility and giving your all to Him? John 4:24 says, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship Him in spirit and in truth”. In the book “The Gates: Access to the Throne of God” I talk about the keys to true worship, what it is and the results that come from it. God desires a certain worship sound. From me, from you, from us all. This is a sound (In the spirit) that when it hits the atmosphere, heaven and even God’s ears. All heaven and earth will know this is a child of the Living God, who’s operating in a John 4:24 kind of worship.” The worship which Jesus spoke of. True worship will attract the sinner and bring them to the knowledge of the Lord because true worship carries the life changing evidence of the glory of God. True worship is an anointing. Would you desire to walk in this kind of worship toward the Lord? 
  I would encourage you to reflect over your relationship with God. Then intentionally worship Him by asking Him, “Lord, how do you desire me to worship you?” 

Lord, I honor your presence and acknowledge that it is always here. As I pray show me how you desire me to worship you. I desire to be captivated by your love, drawn in deeper by your mercy, beauty and holiness. Reveal to me any areas of my life where I can worship you more with all my heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Devotional Scriptures to Ponder On: 
John 4:24 
Luke 7:36-50 
Mark 12:41-44 
Luke 10: 38-42  
Ps 96:9 

Other accounts in Scripture where worship is reflected: 
Genesis 22:12-14 
Luke 22:41-43 

Today's Focus point is (The presence of God) 

Love you,

Shalayna Janelle 

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