"FOCUS SERIES" Devotion Day #6 A Sure Foundation (Being Built by the Word of God) 

Devotion Day #6 A Sure Foundation (Being Built by the Word of God) 

Before building, every builder makes sure that they are going to build upon a solid and sure foundation. This is because they want to ensure that even if storms come, the foundation of what they are building will be always able to withstand and hold up through anything.  
Our lives are the same way also! In life, storms will definitely come. Trials and tests will definitely occur. Those are things you can count on. But if our foundation is sure and stable the trials will not kill, break or damage us in anyway. The only sure way to have a sure foundation is to be build up by the Word of God in Christ Jesus (Col 2:7).  
The following verse is a depiction of a foundation that is sure, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”(Matt 24:35). God’s words are sure, they will never pass away. Therefore if we build our spirit, life, faith, and everything that concerns us upon the word of God then our very foundation will be sure. We with the help of the holy Spirit can withstand any storm. This is the not so secret “secret” of withstanding trials, storms, and tests. What does your foundation look like? Is it stable?  
Let us desire a sure foundation in the Lord and His word. One where we cannot be shaken, moved or destroyed when winds of the spirit rage against us. Even if it takes all the strength we have we will be able to fight and be the victor over every trail, storm and test. 

Lord, I desire to be in a place of stability in you. Lead me in your word daily to the scriptures that would help build my foundation the way you desire it to be built. I want to be sure in you, sure in my faith, sure in my walk and sure in your word. I know that boldness comes from surety in you. Build my foundation, teach me your word that I may be sure and able to withstand anything. 
In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Devotional scriptures to ponder on: 
1Cor 3:11 
Isa 28:16 
Matt 7:24 
Eph 6:10,13,17 
Jas 1:1-8 
Matt 24:35 
Col 2:7 
1Cor 10:13 
Ps 119:11 

Today's Focus point is "Being Built by God's Word" 

Have a blessed day,

Shalayna Janelle

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