"FOCUS SERIES" Devotion Day #8: Which way are you looking? (Seeing Clearly in the Spirit) 


Devotion day #8: Which way are you looking? (Seeing Clearly in the Spirit) 

One day after my birthday a sister in Christ invited me to go with her go-cart racing. While we were waiting for our race to start we played a game of air hockey. With air hockey the objective of the game is to get the puck into your opponents slot. One thing I noticed about this game is that it’s pivotal that you stay focused and keep your eyes on the puck. You must know where to look at all times. It is not the time to slack off and look elsewhere when playing air hockey, lol. Or you just might find yourself, let’s just say not winning the game, lol. 
  When it comes to your walk with God, are your eyes fixed in the right direction and on the right thing? Some have the tendency to look backward when God is saying look forward. Some tend to look down with feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. Some look to the left and right, being indecisive. All of those are things which can deter you from seeing clearly in the spirit. Which way are you looking? Is your vision clear to see?  
  The way you look determines where you go. When it comes to the spirit, Satan will have it so that there are many distractions in your path and even great fog to keep you from seeing Jesus and the way He is taking you. Sometimes even to keep you from seeing the ways Jesus has made for you. Why? Because he knows if you can’t see clearly, you won’t be able to move foward on God’s desired path for you. Clarity in our path is found only when our eyes are fixed on Jesus. Knowing that only He has the ability to defog the way and lead us(Ps 24:5). 
  I would encourage you to declare these next few scriptures out loud. Make them personal. 

Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee. 
Prov 4:25 

I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. 
Ps 16:8 


Father, be my guide as I walk this walk with you. Teach me to see life, my past, present, and future the way you see it. I desire to stay focused and see clear. If there is anything that I don’t see the way that you desire me to, take the fog from my path. If there’s anything causing me to go opposite from where you want me to go, remove those things from my life so I may walk with clear vision. In Jesus name. Amen. 

Devotional Scriptures to Ponder On: 
Heb 12:2 
Ps 24:5 
Ps 31:3 

Today's Focus point is "Seeing Clearly in the Spirit" 

God bless you all, 

Shalayna Janelle  

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