Get to know God, For real!

Do you struggle with KNOWING God's voice?
Do you want to REALLY KNOW God intimately not just socially on occasion.
Do you want to experience Him and be His friend? That Same Friendship that He refers to when He said Abraham was HIS FRIEND?

You're probably saying " YES, YES, YES I DO!!!!!"

But Get to know God!? How do you get to know God, WHO HE IS, HOW HE SPEAKS, WHEN HE IS SPEAKING, HIS personality and Charcteristics!?

WATCH This VID if you struggle with knowing if Something IS God's voice,His WILL, or the enemy
God Bless You ALL!
He that Loveth not Knoweth not God; for GOD IS LOVE. 1 John 4:8

MEDITATE ON : 1John 4:8 , Psalm 103:8-22