God is building a beautiful masterpiece which just so happens to be YOU! When buildings are being built sometimes things have to be torn down and fully gutted in order to rebuild what will become a beautiful NEW house, mansion etc. Sometimes nails are hammered into the structure. Not to hurt it but to make sure it's secure and firm. God desires you to trust Him while He's building you. Yes, Oh Yes, He's gutting things out. But its only to make you into who He knows You are called to be. Yes, the hammer is being used because He's putting certain fixtures in place that will cause you to be unshakable in the Spirit. God wants your foundation firm. God is building a masterpiece! Let Him finish the work so others when they see it they may see His glory. Yes, God desires to reveal His glory through you! 

Be blessed!

 "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. -Psalms 126:5"



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