Have you FORGIVEN Today?


Have you forgiven today? 

Maybe your mother has hurt you. Or maybe you've been hurt by your brother,sister, child or your best friend and you've forgiven them!

It may have taken TIME and taken EVERYTHING  in you BUT you've FORGIVEN THEM!

You start to think you have this forgiveness thing downpack! You're forgiving people left and right.
Literally forgiving ANY and EVERYONE for ANY and EVERYTHING (Which you SHOULD.)

Only to Realize you're holding a GRUDGE against YOURSELF!
You've seemed to be able to master forgiveness of OTHERS.
But you can't seem to forgive yourself.

when God commands us to FORGIVE it wasn't oh just forgive others and harbor UNforgiveness toward yourself in your heart.

He told us to FORGIVE 70 times 7 which leaves room for forgiveness of yourself TOO.

IT'S actually crucial in this Christian walk that you walk in forgiveness( even toward yourself) because FREEDOM Comes with forgiveness.

Usually when you aren't forgiven by a person you tend to walk on egg shells around them, right? Just like before we were saved & weren't forgiven by God we are on eggshells with Him until He FORGAVE us and that Forgiveness set us FREE.

SO IT IS with YOURSELF, when you don't/haven't forgiven yourself you walk on eggshells with yourself,you tend to lack confidence ,you tend to hold yourself back, not walk in your authority because you've convinced yourself to not step out and show your face.. That UNFORGIVENESS toward yourself has caused you to NOT BE FREE. 
(If you get released from prison you don't keep going back everyday tryna get back in do you?)

So If GOD can FORGIVE you, why can't YOU forgive you?
Nows the time to stop holing yourself bound to something you've been set Free from.

I challenge you to dig deep into the word of God tonight (below are scriptures to reference) and from here on out just saturate yourself with chain breaking, bond loosing, spirit fulfilling words from the lord. Watch your life begin to change as you do this and as you release yourself from any unforgiveness you've had toward yourself. You will walk in your authority like NEVER before. A new FIRE will be sparked in you that CAN NOT be put out when you do this.


[ 1John1:9,  2Corinthians5:17-18, Romans5:1, Isaiah65:16, *John8:36*, Romans6:18,  1peter5:7, Acts3:19, phillipians4:8, luke23:34, Jeremiah31:34, Galatians4:7 ]