I Believe GOD!

There were some things God Promised me. And I Believe GOD!
There was a certain ORDER he said He was going to do them in and so far I can put "Checks Off" to certain things!

It makes me HOPE and EXPECT God!
IT MAKES ME EXCITED ABOUT GOD EVEN MORE! His Track Record with OTHERS motivates me the MOST!
When He first gave me the PROMISE, I BELIEVED !
I've Now recieved some of those things BEcause I Believe!
I know I will OBTAIN the rest of the PROMISE because I Believe!

Often times I'm told you're so bubbly,I never see you worry or talk about your problems!
My response :"Because I believe God!"
IN THIS LIFE you have no worries when you fully believe & TRUST God!
No worrying about bills, money etc! God Truly takes that away and ALL you have is FAITH , HOPE, and a SMILE!
So I want you to be as EXCITED about life and the NEW YEAR as I am!

How you say?

I wanted to tell you all That BELIEVING GOD works the PROMISE!

Well, what do you mean by that Shalayna?

God CANNOT move for YOU if you Don't have FAITH that He will!  [JAMES 1:6,7]
even a little ounce of faith will move God tremendously![Luke 17:6, Matthew 17:20]
   GOD makes it clear that WITHOUT faith you can't please God. [Hebrews 11:6]
So BELIEVING GOD brings forth the PROMISE!

I KNOW I didn't OBTAIN what I've obtained by sitting around on God.No, I BELIEVED Him and what He promised me! My belief was put into ACTION! [James 2:14-26] and He Blessed that!

*There's Never a reason to Not believe God!​ YOU need to Know that God will cover you! 
Don't sit around on GOD, BELEIVE GOD and put Works to your faith! 
THIS is a True sign that you Believe and have that Hope in Jesus Christ and His promises to You!

I TELL YOU FROM EXPERIENCE , I speak about faith a lot because that's what God called me to preach and specialize in. [Call me the FAITH doctor lol]
BUT LET ME TELL YOU I got saved and Truly BELIEVED God and miracles happened! My LIFE has never been THE SAME!
Believing God is the ONLY way to FULLY live in CHRIST on Earth!
So I want you to Go into the NEW YEAR TRULY Trusting &BELIEVING GOD in ALL things!
So you can TRULY LIVE, worry free and a HAPPY LIFE in CHRIST! God Jesus wants THIS for you, He requires It of us!
Are you Ready to LIVE? I mean TRULY LIVE?

"Let's LIVE!"