I wrote this a few days ago while I was studying.
I just had to take time and Praise God for what He has done in my life.

This is me, my life, lol me at home right now studying.
BUT let me tell you about the GRACE of God. Growing up as a Child we think we know what we want to be and what we're going to be.

NEVER did I think, believe or know that I would be a preacher lol. I laugh with God almost EVERYDAY about it because it truly is a God thing. It TRULY is God's grace. I was counted OUT by man but God Grabbed me and put me on HIS team. Who would have thought that? I had no Idea that I could be the apple of someone's eye, let alone the apple of GOD'S eye (Zech 2:8). But that's what we are to Him. And God took a little optimistic young girl with her own dreams and He cleaned me up, He mentored me and said "I would like to use you. WILL YOU EXCEPT?". I was young (19) and truly didn't know what that meant when He asked but I love God and trusted him so I accepted. That decision lead me to where I am today.

NO it wasn't Easy, YES it cost me something( My life, The total surrendering of EVERY AREA of my life to where I no longer call it "my life" It's HIS LIFE. I've been blessed with a gift that wasn't passed down from my earthly parents but was given to me by the redemptive blood of Jesus. Preaching the Gospel is not a Family heirloom or tradition that gets passed down in the natural, it's a Gift from God himself NOONE else can give that to you. You can't take some kind of written test for it, you can't fake your way to it. You can't hang around the right people for it. But the grace of God, calling of God, matched with surrendering fulfills this.

Some days I sit and cry at the #AWESOME #LIFE #CHANGING POWER of Jesus Christ. Every moment I live I live it for the sake of the Gospel. The moment I accepted the invitation from the Lord, I could no longer live for me but my life became of service to him and to his people (to Feed God's Sheep (John 21:17)). This Explains this Passion I have for people, and wanting to see them come to Know God.

ONLY Love can take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. 1Cor 1:27) He did that For me, Haha Wow! God is truly able! (Eph 3:20) Believe Him, HE IS ABLE!
Since I'm no better than anyone else He CAN do for you what He did for me. God is no respector of persons. (Acts 10:34)

All I can say is I'm underserving BUT grateful. I'm imperfect but chosen. This Knowing that I know That I know that I know that Jesus is a redeemer and has set me free, that is something Noone can take from me."
It's my very #Identity !

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