News! and also Thanks guys for the Bday wishes!

My bday was Jan 14th.
I wasn't on FB or social networks at the time but I Believe I responded individually to All of the Birthday wishes!

Thank you so much!

I didn't do anything except LIVE. No celebration ,just LIVE! Which is usually how I spend my bdays lol. 
I appreciate my Life everyday!
On my Bday I  was able to minister to a group of young ladies on set that day  which was a blessing to me!
I know my Life isn't about me so I don't mind spending my Birthday ministering to others and doing the work of the Lord!

Praise God!

*Giving yourself fully to God so He may use you as He pleases is where we ought to be.
where no time is inconvenient for the spirit to use you FOR SOMEONE ELSE's deliverance!

Enter into Is gates with THANKSGIVING, and into his courts with PRAISE: be THANKFUL unto him and BLESS His name.
Be encouraged yall!  PSALM 100:4

Stay Firm in The Faith! LOVE YOU!