I felt lead to write a poem and share it with you all! Poem: "Misunderstood but not mislead!"

I love to encourage:

Here is a poem I wrote for the misunderstood. And also for those who often misunderstand others. The Bible tells us "... With all our getting, get understanding." Provides 4:7.

Poem: "Misunderstood but not mislead!"

Misunderstood but not mislead,
The Holy Spirit Guides me everywhere that my feet shall tread. I may be different, discrete or unique But as the apple of GOD'S Eye to Him I'm sweet.

Sweet, sweet, sweet I live to be, but many receive the sweet that I speak and turn it into negativity.
Negativity cuts, hurts, and binds. But we can't control those who perceive with that flawed state of mind.

Mind, Mind, Minding God, because after all He created me, saw the best in me, cleansed me, and said follow me. Me, Me, Me, it's never been about me. If you ever thought it was, then It's safe to say you never knew me.

I've never been defined by perception or lies. From the non-understanding or the over demanding. The made up theories in the form of suggestions. In the minds of those who've been there, done that and know it all, of course.

Course, OH, no one knows the course! The course that got me here except the one who mapped it, drew it and placed it on the ground before me. When I was shattered, broken, lonely, eyes filled with tears.

Lonely, Yes I was. But now I have a friend. The one who understands me, flaws and all and never once misunderstood my motives at all.

All, All, All to Jesus I surender, Is the song I sing. This is why ALL to Him I freely Give. I will ever Love and trust Him in His presence daily LIVE.

Misunderstood but not mislead, You may not understand but, that's why Jesus is Head. Head of my life, of yours He should be too.
But the fruit of our walk will determine that truth.

God may use me differently than you, but all I ask is that you be still and let time reveal. Because all things of God will eventually bring forth GOOD Fruit.

"Judge no thing before the time..." 1 Cor 4:5

-Shalayna Janelle