#RealTalkYo : Dreams, Manifestations, Living , Going Forth!

Hey all!

Today Was a great day for me. I had the chance to reflect back over the Year and It's Been a Great Year!

Swormed with numerous opportunities,jobs etc.
BUT BY FAR  my Favorite was the Various sectors of my ministry being established and Brought Forth.
One in particular is the Womens Group and Conference that I mentioned to you All early this Year!

It is Finally being manifested! God had me in PREPARATION with it!
I Value my prep/wait time with God because it Strengthens and helps me to get things right for God so He may be Represented Correctly and properly.

Last thing we want to do is jump into something too soon and it not be right, not be prepared in any way! So i do Appreciate the PREP seasons in christ!

2014 This Conference is Set to Build the kingdom, Feed the believers, Help individuals GROW in Christ and Set a spark in them so They Can Leave Telling the world about Christ in their daily lives, Teaching All How important it Is to LOVE yourself!
With Many Different sectors: we'll have womens, mens, co-ed conferences ALL to Empower this World, to Bring forth The gospel and manifest the gifts God has placed in you so You can walk away Knowing how to Walk in YOUR GIFTS for God!


Tune into the Next Blog Post for info & updates on this Conference / MOVEMENT! ( As well as the Name of the Conference will be revealed)

With that Being said I would love to just Give a word of Encouragement .
To All my DREAMERS out there, If God Has Given you a Dream or a Vision BELIEVE It, Even when God Says NOT NOW! 
Most people CONFUSE God's "Not Nows" with "No's". So They start living as If they Got a NO from God instead of a Not now!

The Not Now season is Just a PREP season. So as you WAIT ON God you must still be prepping the vision so that When the lord Speaks and Says " Go FORTH" then you will be ready to go forth.Believe God to the point that in your waiting season you are working Just as hard as you would in Your DUE season with the vision. We always want to be prepared Giving God a Good foundation to work with , REPRESENTING God Right.
The Last thing we want to do is make God look bad!
So believe in your Dream/Vision. Work towards it and in DUE TIME it will manifest. GALATIONS 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due SEASON we shall reap if we faint not.
Have Faith . Trust God, and walk with happiness in God. "For The JOY of the Lord is Your Strength." [Nehemiah 8:10]

I Pray you All support me on this Next step of The vision God has Given Me!

Please Share this Blog on your social networks, if interested in Partnering Feel free to send an email, Wondering in any way how you can help Feel free to inquire by email.
As well as your Prayers do a Great Deal!

Thank you All!

God Bless!