#REALTALKYO! Nov-16-2013

Hi Everyone!!!
This is my Very first Blog Post!


 I wanted to Make this first Blog Post about DEDICATION! YES DEDICATION!

Dedication is important in This Life ON EARTH and in our walk with Christ!
If we aren't dedicated on our jobs then What good are we?
If we arent dedicated to the Lord than What Good are we to the Body of Christ?

I meet Alot of people who Say " I want, I want" but never attempt! And then theres people who say " I want" But don't want to do what it takes to get that thing they want.
then you have those who see something someone else has BUT  aren't willling to go through what the other person went through to obtain it!

ALL in All , all of those situations/scenarios all have something in Common, a LACK of Dedication. Living with a lack of dedication will always Leave you in a life of ALMOSTS, MAYBES, I COULD'VES, and I SHOULD'VES!
God isn't Pleased with almosts and maybes! God has a plan and and he expects you to Follow through with your Part!
A MASTER PLAN has parts, Its rarely accomplished whith just one person. so Think of it as you being a certain member in the masterplan. Whatever God has required of you Is Your part and the rest will be stagnant if You DON'T Follow through With your part!

Now, what is YOUR part?Are you Working your part? or are you making excuses for Lack of dedication!
Do you Even Know What Your Part Is? ( Thats a whole other blog topic).

Dedication is even if you knew it would take years to get to the finish line You will still Fight to do it!
God Saved us and Told His ppl to BE LIKE HIM. I can ASSURE you he is Not lazy and undedicated! He Gets the Job Done!
He sets His eyes on a task and does It... Yea yea yea I know some of you are sayin in your heads " well he's God He can do whatever He puts His mind to."....
BUT ISN'T this the SAME God that You Believe or at least Say LIVES INSIDE OF YOU????
Then You should start looking at life as " MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" instead of " I don't know how i can do this" or " I'm not gonna do this anymore, i dont wanna be a  this/that anymore"
WORK!!! put in WORK!!!
What was Jesus doing before He died? WORKING!!! And SAVING SOULS!
 So let us be a people who DO what God has asked us to! Not going backwards, Not giving up, not making excuses or half doing things!
No More lack of Dedication No More Excuses!
I encourage you to soar into your Part, your destiiny!
You CAN ACOMPLISH ,IF you want to !!!
Lets Go!

God Bless!