TESTIMONY: These Signs Shall FOLLOW Them

TESTIMONY: I praise God!
On My Birthday!
God allowed me to encounter a woman dealing with alcoholism,depression and hurt.  As well She had a boyfriend who uses her,a daughter who she has no good relationship with. He allowed me to speak a word and proceed with deliverance (come against those spirits) to set her free from the alcoholic spirit,hurt,depression.
The woman asked How come you show so much love?  I said Because Jesus Christ gave me this love so I give it back! She said "wow God is sooo good! You're a great friend even though I don't know you! Thank you for Loving me! And wow God sent you here for me"

For those of you who don't know I believe in people being healed, delivered and SET FREE! Jesus told us to do this Set the captives FREE. That is what my ministry is. This is what ministry is Period and should be.
I have a hard time seeing ppl in bondage and letting them stay in bondage!

Well I praise God myself because  I'm grateful that God loves ppl THAT much to make a DIVINE appointment with ppl and give them an opportunity to come to Him and be Set FREE.God Is no respecter of persons He loves ppl no matter what they've been through and where they are. God is FAITHFUL! All Glory to God! #Testimony #Faith #IfYouWontTellItIWill

Yes there are peopkle with specific ministries of HEALING and DELIVERANCE So you may not think this could apply to you  But  The bible says that Casting out Demons is a SIGN of the BELIEVER!

The Question is DO YOU BELEIEVE? Are you just going through the motions of saying I accept Jesus as my Lord and savior or do you REALLY Truly Believ On the NAME Of Jesus!
If so.... Then there Is POWER In the name of Jesus! In His name and His name only can we cast out demon and Heal the sick. The word of God said these Signs WILL Follow them that believe. So that also means if the signs don't follow then somebody does not believe!

If you wan to Live in The fullness of God an TRULY be used for His Glory you Must believe on His name to where SIGNS FOLLOW!

Scripture to Dwell on :
And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;
Mark 16:17