"FOCUS SERIES" Devotion Day #16: "The Call to Faithfulness" (Faithfulness)

Devotion Day #16: The call to Faithfulness (faithfulness) 

Do you respond to God with the same urgency, respect and excellence as you do the one who cuts your paycheck every week? Your boss or manager? Many in this day and age are quite faithful on their jobs. Willing to do whatever is requested of them from their boss or manager. Have you heeded, responded, and acted toward God in this manner also? According to what He’s been requiring of you? When you do, do what the Lord has asked, are you doing it with joy, an excellent spirit(Dan 6:3) and all of your might(Ecc 9:19)? 
  Looking at Joseph in Genesis 37-45, his model of faithfulness to the Lord and everything he was given to do is a great reminder that faithfulness goes a long way. Faithfulness brought him from smaller places to much grander places. Some would call it a “Pit to the Palace” experience. 
   As far as faithfulness goes, the Lord considers it to be a qualification and prerequisite for His kingdom (Matt 25:14-30). Punishing the servant who lacked faithfulness. God called his lack of faithfulness wicked. He also emphasized being faithful in even the little, to be considered for much more. This is not something we simply put on when we have a task given to us, but it is an instrumental part of our character as a whole. Every fruit of the Spirit we are given relies on faithfulness, insomuch as every fruit must be done faithfully in order to be truly at work in our lives. Faithfulness is a virtue! Are you willing to walk in total faithfulness today? 

Lord, search my life, show me if there are any areas where I lack faithfulness. Bless me with a heart of a faithful servant, that I may faithfully do all that you have called me to do in excellence. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Devotional Scriptures to Ponder On: 
Ecc 9:10 
Dan 6:3 
Gen 37 
Matt 25:14-30 

Today's Focus point is "Faithfulness"

Today's devotional was the last day of the "Focus" series. It was such a blessing hearing the Lord on behalf of writing these devotions. I pray you were blessed by them as well!


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