You Win! Find out why?

I wanted to share this to encourage you. One day God put this in my spirit and I posted it on FB. But I believe you'll be blessed to read it also.

Every single enemy that rose up against me, lied on me & tried to compete with me while I was doing God's business, has blessed me and brought me to such a place of elevation in the spirit. Which means they've been overturned. Every time an enemy cannot get you to forfeit what God is doing for you & has called you to do, it means they've failed at their sole mission to take you out. Their plan has been overturned.  

  I say this to say, that jealousy will make a person rise up and think they're fighting YOU when in all actuality they're really fighting God (2Chron20:15). Everyone who's ever fought against God has suffered a defeat. So know that it doesn't matter who's jealous of you, comes up against you, lies on you or tries to compete with you. That's not your business. Nor is it your job to do anything about it except #Love and #Pray for them. You have to trust that God will take care of anything setup to come against you. You stay focused on God. Don't bow down to immaturity(Jas 3:16). Focus and don't stoop to that level and watch God deem YOU #faithful. Because the fact of the matter is, those who are competing against you will soon realize they were competing all by themselves because you weren't looking in their direction, you were looking to JESUS "The author and finisher of YOUR faith" (Heb 12:2). 
   Praise God for the elevation. Why do you say that Shalayna? Because enemies become footstools(Lk 20:42-43), and footstools were created #ONLY for the sole purpose of making someone go HIGHER! 
   Say Amen! You're going #Higher ! #YouWin #LoveYourEnemies

Be blessed!
Shalayna Janelle



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