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Shalayna has spiritual growth books available for various stages of your walk with Christ. Below are details about her books.

The Gates Is a book to help you grow stable in your walk and relationship with God. This is geared toward beginners. It is available in Paperback and E-book.
Pray and Slay Demons is a book of topical prayers. This book also teaches you how to rely on God's word in prayer. This is tailored for Christians at any level. It is available in E-book format Only.
Thy Kingdom Come is a book on being transformed by the renewing of your mind and teaches how to become Kingdom minded. This is tailored for Beginning and intermediate Christians who are looking to become stable in Christ. It is available in E-book format Only.
Purposely on Purpose is currently unavailable. This book is tailored for Christians who are ready for deeper levels of spiritual Growth and walking in their calling.
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