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Let's get Goaling! Modern tactics have caused the world to focus on busy instead of efficiency. One thing I am adamant about is proper stewardship and rest(Spiritual & natural). This is why I created The "Goal With the Flow Studio".

The "Goal with the Flow" Studio will help you...
#1 Beat Procrastination
#2 Plan efficiently with the Goal With the Flow Studio Course
#3 Be equipped to walk more confidently in your calling! As well as, see more "fruitfulness" in the area of goals and calling
#4 Say Goodbye to I'm too busy with the Time Budget System so you can budget your time effectively.

Goal With The
Flow    Studio

The ultimate Productivity & Efficiency BOOTCAMP

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Are you an aspiring Kingdom minded author? If so, whether you aspire to write business books, teaching books or even Spiritual growth books, the Kingdom Author university could be a good fit for you!
• Maybe you have felt overwhelmed due to just not knowing where to start.
• Maybe you don’t see how you could possibly write a book with your schedule . The Kingdom Author University will show you how to go from blank page to finished manuscript with ease and flow. You’ll learn how to: Position your book with the “Perfect Positioning Formula”. (So you no longer have to feel stuck) Build The Foundation of an Engaging and compelling book so readers will love and enjoy it. This process will ensure your book has that “engaging” factor.

The Kingdom Author University

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When we live life intentionally we can reap an intentional harvest

 Change starts with a decision and another decision, coupled with more decisions. Our decisions have the power to impact us greatly.

You were called for greater works. Do you believe this?

-Shalayna Janelle

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