You may have heard “Just pick a topic, get writing and you’ll be fine”
The Setback with that is, Most don’t realize that without a proper Book Topic your book leaves no reason for the reader to buy it. 

Many find themselves going from blog to blog looking for that perfect answer.
The Setback? Often times it’s super overwhelming and the aspiring author is left with conflicting and confusing information from various different sources. And before you know it loads of time has flown by and the Author is still left feeling unsure. #AuthorOverwhelm

Lastly, Maybe you’ve tried getting advice from people you know but no one around you understands your passion, excitement, or even your need for writing a book.

This world of Becoming an Author and writing Books can seem so overwhelming and I Know why.

This is why I decided to do something about it and help you go from “I don’t Know where to start” to “I'm Ready To Write"!

Starting out as a First Time Author does not Have to be Confusing even if others make it that way!

When it come to Writing your book, Nailing your book Topic is essential. (It sets your Book on the right path)

Truth is...

You no longer have to Wonder...
What is the Best Place to Start?
How do I Move Forward?

(You know that feeling of feeling Stuck before even getting started. It’s real!)

Don't Worry...


How To Make sure your book topic starts off the “Write” way by hitting the Book topic bulls-eye.

How To Assess Your Book Topic idea With the ‘Substance Assessment Blueprint’ so you know it is the right topic For YOU.

How To Find and Narrow down your book Topic with the “Book Topic Lab” so you no longer have to feel stuck before you even start

What You'll Learn...

A Step by step system to help you narrow down the perfect Book Topic without the overwhelm!


Book Topic Bootcamp

Enroll Today For Only $9

So often many express their desire to write a book but never take the leap. Sometimes it's due to fear, not knowing where to start, or even insecurity. I want to encourage you that if God has called you to this He will see you through it.

I'm here to help you no longer say 'I wish I could have' or 'I always wanted to but...' 

I'm so passionate about seeing God's Children step into all that He has called them to. To finally write What the Lord has placed on your heart. So I'm giving you the tools to use to Finally become an Author!

Say goodbye to fear, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs.

Shalayna Janelle 

Hello, I'm Shalayna Janelle! (Author, Speaker, & Actress)

note from shalayna,

Yes, I'm ready! Sign me up!

Let's get You started on the right foot! So You Can move forward with writing your book!
So if you are ready to get started with your book topic,

Are You Ready To Go from Too many Ideas To Solid Book Topic?


How Fast Can I expect to see results?

Due to the nature of ithis product results and timeframes may vary from person to person.

I am Kingdom Minded and I write Business Books. Will this work for me?

Yes. This program is designed to work for Non-fiction Books. This program will not be a good fit for fiction Books!

I have already started writing my book. Will this work for me?

If you have already started writing your book and don’t know where to go from here and keep finding yourself stuck then yes this would be great for you. This program can help you find any possible areas you may have missed when you started. In Book Topic Bootcamp I teach you my system that helps you get super clear and unstuck with your book topic! The great thing is you will have this tool with you when you begin to write future books as well.

I am a Business owner, teacher or entrepreneur. Is this only for people who write Christian Spiritual growth books?

No. This program is great for Kingdom Minded Individuals who are in various spheres of influence who write Non-Fiction Books. This includes but is not limited to those who are entrepreneurs, corporate, teachers, pastors, Marriage counselors, those who write Spiritual growth books, and more. This program will not be a good fit for fiction Books!

What Kind of Support Can I Get if I get stuck? Is There an Online Community?

There isn’t a specific community for this program but you are more than welcome to send an email with your questions if you happen to have any while going through the course material.

Is everything available Immediately?

Yes, everything is Available upon enrollment.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

Our courses are all inside of our online Membership platform. You will need access to the internet, on either a Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, or tablet.

How Long Do I have access to the Program For?

As long as this program is around and still exists you’ll have access to it.

Can I share the program with a friend?

No. Purchasing this product means that you have purchased the product for yourself to use. You may not share this program or your login details with anyone. Your Friends will have to purchase the program on their own. Thank you for respecting the laws on Intellectual Property & Piracy.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Because of the nature of this product; this is an info product and sold at a highly discounted price, therefore at this time, we have a No Refund Policy.

How Long will it take me to Finish?

This is 100% dependent upon each student's availability to consume the content. (However, The actually Main audio content in and of itself is less than 2 hours)

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