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Yes. I have a resource/ teaching that you can find Here. This will cover salvation, and the next steps after salvation as well.

This is a great question and I'm glad you are serious about growing in the Lord and being Baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have a teaching on this topic that you can watch. This teaching will cover the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I also pray for you to receive it. Watch the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Teaching Here.

At this time Shalayna does not do one on one mentoring to the public but She has videos on various aspects of spiritual growth. Her spiritual growth teachings can be found Here.  Life teachings, Productivity Courses, and The Kingdom Author University can be found Here.

Thank you for your interest in having Shalayna speak at your event. If you are interested in having Shalayna speak or interviewing her for your podcast, show or panel feel free to visit the Speaking Page Here to fill out a booking request.

Thank you for your interest in considering Shalayna for your project. Feel free to submit a booking request Here. 

The Kingdom Author University is for Kingdom Minded Aspiring Authors who desire to write "Non-Fiction" books.
KAU does not cover Fiction writing!

The Course is for Christ Centered Individuals Who desire to beat procrastination, set effective goals, and see progress.
Please Note: If You are a member of my former "Purpose, Mission & Vision Course" The Foundations of the Productivity & Goal Course are the SAME (except for my newly added framework and new bonuses)

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