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Many Christians work hard and Do a lot of things believing as long as you are doing and staying busy that means you are successful.

So many are taking courses and programs that are “one size fits all” and don’t actually cater to Kingdom minded people like you. Leaving you feeling underserved, with no clear path, and back at square one time and time again.

Lastly, Maybe you’ve tried accomplishing goals but they’ve seemed too overwhelming leading to feelings of fear and inadequacy.

Many People are kingdom minded but also stuck when it comes to goals and seeing progress.

Truth is...

Here's Why...

Maybe you are serious about the call of God on your life but:

    • Have Made mistakes when attempting to walk in your calling
    • Or simply Don’t know How to move forward

Many Serious Christians have had the SAME experience!

Raise Your Hand if You Know What I’m Talking about!

Becoming a Finisher of what God has called you to steward

Experiencing God ordained progress in your calling

Going from Overwhelmed to bearing fruit

take a moment and imagine...

Did that just put a smile on your face or a motivation in your heart?
I hope so!

Don't Worry...

 Helping people walk out the call of God on their lives, beat procrastination, and see progress is a huge part of my calling.

M.V.P. Essentials Stands for
M.ission, V.ision, & P.urpose

The Secret is that in order for Goal Setting to Impactfully relate with Christians, the Goals Should honor what I call M.V.P. Essentials!


You see, Mission is executed when you have vision.

And Vision is executed when you have purpose and Calling.




There are 3 Steady Principles for Goals to have M.V.P. Essentials

Make Sure your processes line up with Christ’s way (2 Cor 5:17 says,“if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature…”)

Say No to Hustle Culture: Walking away from Hustle Culture is one of the biggest turning points you can take. (Because the hustle culture mentality can cause you to burn out and move further away from the call of God on your life.

The Best Way to Set Goals is With the Flow of the HolySpirit. This keeps us #KingdomMinded




These Principles are the first steps.
Learning how to effectively incorporate these things in a practical way is the place where many get stuck and overwhelmed.

However, I am going to Teach You Ways to effectively set Goals with the Flow of the Holy Spirit so you too can learn how to see momentum!


She is knowledgeable and wise, and as someone who benefitted from her insight and instruction, I would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual or professional guidance.

She is Knowledgeable and wise...I would recommend her to anyone seeking...

Kind words about Shalayna (spiritually & Professionally)

Kind Words


Be equipped to walk more confidently in your calling! As well as, see more "fruitfulness" in your walk with God.

Avoid the Purpose Pitfalls and Execute a vision well
(So you can have a clear path to walk on in this next season of your life).

Set Effective Tailored Goals with my “Goal Design System”(So You can focus on results based goals) 

Breakthrough your past Barriers that are keeping you stuck
(So you can be positioned to move in your calling).

You’ll learn how to:

The course that teaches you how to set effective goals, live productivily and steward well what God has given you all while going with the flow of the Holy Spirit.!

of Course! I'm in!

Goal with the Flow!

Are You in?

See what’s inside The 'Goal With the Flow' University

Inside KAU

This workshop will walk you through getting past one of the biggest barriers that keep most people stuck. (Breaking through this barrier will make many other barriers seem like a thing of the past)

The Breakthrough Lab

This workshop will walk you through setting Goals with the ‘Goal Design System’. This system is the core of setting Goals with the Flow of the Holy Spirit,

The 'Flow'

This workshop will give you the tools & Fuel to get moving forward with the goals. This is where you take what you’ve done in the previous workshops and get ready for action. This is why I like to Call this the 'Rocket Ship' workshop.

The 'Action'

The Goal Checklist

Printable Goal With the Flow Workbook & Planner

Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Workshop #3





Today's Price: $97

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Her life speaks volume! She is a great leader and women of God. The revelation when she preaches...she is a blessing to the body of Christ. She has been a great example for me with her business , publishing books and ministry. I learned to be consistent and trust God I’m all I do. 

Her life speaks volume! She is a great leader...

Kind words about Shalayna (spiritually & Professionally)

Kind Words

I have a passion to help others Love Jesus, Live for him and live Purposely on Purpose without the Hustle & Grind!

I'm so passionate about seeing God's Children step into all that He has called them to. 
Say goodbye to fear, overwhelm, and procrastination.

Shalayna Janelle 

i’m Shalayna. Lover of God, Author & Speaker


Featured in


frequently asked

The Full Workshop recorded content is about 2 hours of content in total. However, working through the steps will be dependent on your own pace. Each individual may see results based on how you apply the teachings.

Our courses are all inside of our online Membership platform. You will need access to the internet, on either a Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, or tablet.

This program is great for anyone who would like to beat procrastination & set goals with the flow  of the Holy Spirit.


Those who purchase the program will have access to the program for 12 months.

No. When You buy the course you are purchasing access for yourself. The contents of this program cannot be shared with anyone. If your friend or loved one is interested in purchasing this course feel free to share this sales page with them where they can register for the course. 

We do not offer refunds. Because of the nature of this product; this is an info product and sold at a highly discounted price, therefore at this time we have a No Refund Policy.  Shalayna has worked hard to create valuable products and stands by her courses and trainings. We are looking for serious students who are committed to the process and doing the work.

Is it the time for you to finally break past those setbacks?
Is it the time for you to let procrastination go and see Fruit in your Calling?

Finally, see Fruit and progress in what God is calling you to do! Enrolling in Goal with the Flow can be your Launchpad for Kingdom momentum.

Are you Ready?...

Yes! I’m ready!

Everything that's included in the 'Goal with the Flow' University Workshop.

Module 1:
 The Breakthrough LAb
Module 2: The Flow Lab
Module 3: The Action Lab
Bonus #1 - The Goal Checklist
Bonus #2 -Printable Goal With the Flow Workbook & Planner

The Goal with the Flow University

The course that teaches you how to set effective goals with the flow of the Holy Spirit.!

I am Ready!

Enroll Today For: $97

Enroll Today For: $97

Of Course! I'm in!

Get prepared to see Fruit and progress in what God is calling you to do!

Let's Goal with the Flow of the Holy Spirit Today!

Have a specific question regarding course enrollment? Please address your course related questions to Courses@shalaynajanelle.com. (This email is only for courses and program related inquiries.)

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