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There's no need to compare and be 100% like others because we all have different priorities.

 The interesting thing is shortly after you begin writing this way it gets hard. This Process seems to just keep you stuck and unable to finish your book.

Or maybe you've listened to the Gurus that tell you just take your blog posts, put them together, and call it a book.
Truth... This deceives the reader into thinking they're paying for something fresh and new. When in fact they can STILL (Key word still) find it for free on your blog verbatim.

Or maybe you’ve tried taking everything you know and writing a book.
Truth... Taking everything you know and putting it all together causes you to have no focus in the book. This also tends to be very overwhelming for the reader

Lastly, maybe you've tried the “Write a book in a weekend method”. Only to find not everyone CAN actually write a book in a weekend. Let alone a good book in a weekend.
Truth... What works for one person “Time wise” may not work for EVERYONE the SAME. People are individuals with individual lives. That is why in the T.B.W. worksheet (included in KAU) I have people take inventory of their OWN Lives. 

“Just write something everyday and you’ll have your book finished” 

You May Have Heard...

 and didn't have a mentor to help me along the way. So I had to come up with a streamlined process and system to do so.

 •Maybe you have felt overwhelmed due to not knowing where to start.
    •Maybe you don’t see how you could possibly write a book with your schedule

I didn't exactly know where to start either. So I had to create and strategically develop a plan that would work for me. 

 and didn't have a mentor to help me along the way. So I had to come up with a streamlined process and system to do so.

    • Maybe you have felt overwhelmed due to not knowing where to start.
    • Maybe you don’t see how you could possibly write a book with your schedule

I didn't exactly know where to start either. So I had to create and strategically develop a plan that would work for me. 

Over 4 Years ago I knew I was supposed to write a book...






An Engaging
& Compelling

This was the plan that I developed along the way...

& Intriguing 




+ A 

- (minus)


+ Strategy

+ the RIGHT Content


E.C. Content Strategy & Book Structure Calculator








+ "FICS"


+ "FICS"

Being able to repeat the process over and over again. Allowing you to write & produce more engaging & compelling books!

Actually finishing your book and sharing it with the world!

Impacting lives from the book God has placed in your heart?

take a moment and imagine...

After writing many books in one year, I have been able to use this system (time and again) to write engaging and compelling books. 

Then Surprisingly...

After I published my first book there was a question I received a lot.
That question was, How do you even write a book? I’ve always wanted to write a book but I don’t know where to start?!”

Shortly after, I had a burning desire to help Kingdom Minded aspiring authors write engaging and compelling books!


She is knowledgeable and wise, and as someone who benefitted from her insight and instruction, I would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual or professional guidance.

She is Knowledgeable and wise...I would recommend her to anyone seeking...

Kind words about Shalayna (spiritually & Professionally)

Kind Words




Effectively communicate your book with the world (I love this part)

Make sure your book has the awesome “engaging” elements  that all books need

Write Your Book so that You can share your message with the world

Build The Foundation of an Engaging and compelling book so readers will love and enjoy your book

Position your book with the “Perfect Positioning Formula” so you no longer have to feel stuck

Hit the Book Topic Bullseye so you Know Your Book Topic is the best it can be

You’ll learn how to:

The Step by step solution to help you write engaging and compelling Books. (Without the overwhelm and consistently getting stuck! )

of Course! I'm in!

For Kingdom Minded Aspiring Authors

Are You in?

Take a Look at what’s inside The Kingdom Author University

Inside KAU

You'll learn how to Hit the Book Topic Bullseye so you Know Your Book Topic is the best it can be. You'll also use my Book assessment method to assess where your book fits on the TRIO LOOP

Book Topic Bootcamp

You'll learn how to strategically position yourself as an Author with the “Perfect Positioning Approach”,

The Perfect positioning Lab

This is where You'll use my Signature 'Kingdom Author University F2P2 Framework' and Build The Foundation of an Engaging and compelling book so your readers will love and enjoy your book

The Egaging &
Compelling Book

This is where you'll begin to write and complete Your Book. (Cue the Confetti)

Now's the "Write" Time

You will learn advanced techniques that will make your book polished and even more engaging!

The "Write" Techniques

Phase #1

Phase #2

Phase #3

Phase #5

Phase #4






But Actually That's Not Everything...


An Organizational system for Streamlining the Research process for your book. 

"Research Like a Pro" Kit

The Ultimate Author Toolkit. Loaded with assets to help you along your writing journey and tools to help activate your momentum as an author. I've Sprinkled these throughout the Course.

The Efficiency "Pop up" Suite

I Came up with this tool with Aspiring Authors in mind! This plug & play tool allows you to plug in a few keywords and it auto-generates phrases for you. You can use these phrases when talking about your book. (I don't do 1 on 1 coaching so this is like having my brain with you but in a tool )

Book Communication Studio


APPLY now!

Plug & Play Tool


Her life speaks volume! She is a great leader and women of God. The revelation when she preaches...she is a blessing to the body of Christ. She has been a great example for me with her business , publishing books and ministry. I learned to be consistent and trust God I’m all I do. 

Her life speaks volume! She is a great leader...

Kind words about Shalayna (spiritually & Professionally)

Kind Words

So often many express their desire to write a book but never take the leap. Sometimes it's due to fear, not knowing where to start, or even insecurity. I want to encourage you that if God has called you to this He will see you through it.

I'm here to help you no longer say 'I wish I could have' or 'I always wanted to but...'

I'm so passionate about seeing God's Children step into all that He has called them to. To finally write What the Lord has placed on your heart. So I'm giving you the tools you can use to Finally become an Author!

Say goodbye to fear, overwhelm, and procrastination.

Shalayna Janelle 

Shalayna Janelle is a woman with unshakable passion for Jesus. . Along with being in commercials & films she has also been seen as a television host on various networks including the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) as well as their Young adult channel JUCE TV Network.. 

i’m Shalayna. Lover of God, Author & Speaker



Nomination for
Best Supporting
 Actress in a Feature film


frequently asked

You get out what you put in. You will see results based on how you apply the teachings.

If you have already started writing your book and don’t know where to go from here and keep finding yourself stuck then yes this would be great for you. This program willl teach you my system that helps you get unstuck!

No. This program is great for Bible believing, God fearing Kingdom Minded Individuals who are in various spears of influence. This includes but is not limited to those who are entrepreneurs, corporate, teachers, pastors, Marriage counselors, those who write Spiritual growth books and more. Those who have committed to Jesus being God and  head of their life.

One of the BONUSES included with the program when you buy today is my “Time Savor Formula:How to Find time to write your book even if you think you dont have any willl help you with time. That BONUS along with the accompanying Time Budget Spreadsheet is worth the Price of $107. And You’ll Recieve it for free today! 

For The Kingdom Author University Program PAID IN FULL, Phase 1 is released immediately. Then after 8 days the rest of the full course is released.

For The Kingdom Author University Program PAYMENT PLAN, the Course is dripped weekly. Meaning Each of the Modules Will be released weekly.

Those who purchase the program will have access to the program for 12 months.

No. When You buy the course you are purchasing access for yourself. The contents of this program cannot be shared with anyone. If your friend or loved one is interested in purchasing this course feel free to share this sales page with them where they can register for the course. 

We do not offer refunds. Shalayna has worked hard to create valuable products and stands by her courses and trainings. We are looking for serious students who are committed to the process and doing the work.

 If you don’t take the leap now and write your book you may find yourself in the same spot this time next year. I don’t want that for you!

So if you are ready to get your book written, save time, and confusion, I’m excited to see you on the inside! 

So here's the truth...

Yes! I’m ready to Become An Author!


Everything that's included in the Kingdom Author University Full Program.

Module 1:
Book Topic Bootcamp
Module 2: Perfect Positioning Formula
Module 3: The Engaging & Compelling Book Formula
Module 4: Now’s the Write Time 
Module 5: The Write Techniques 

Bonus #1 - Research Like a Pro Kit 
Bonus #2 -The Efficiency Suite: The Time Saver Formula & Publishing Budgeting System
Bonus #3 - Book Communication Studio

The Kingdom Author University

For Aspiring authors

I am Ready!

Join The Kingdom Author University

For kingdom minded aspiring authors

The Complete Step by Step solution to write your book with ease and flow.

Of Course! I'm in!

Be led by my proven system & Solution for getting your book written.

Are You Ready to Finally Get Your Book Written?

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