Steps to Overcoming Jealousy, Envy, & Competition

Steps to Overcoming Jealousy, Envy, & Competition

Satan always wants to weasel his way into Christian’s Lives. He may try to do this in many different ways. One way he does this is to target the condition of a Christian’s heart. Because Anything in our hearts that is contrary to Christ can lead us away from Christ. Which is Satan’s ultimate goal.

So let’s talk about the Heart condition of Jealousy, Envy, & Competition.

Jealousy is a tool that Satan has operated in Himself. As well as he has tried to get many Christians to operate in as well.

If you have been experiencing and operating in Jealousy, envy, & Competition I want to help equip you with the wisdom, knowledge, and word of God to overcome it.

In this audio teaching you will learn,

  1. The Causes of Jealousy, envy, & Competition
  2. Why Some people fall into it while others don’t
  3. How you can overcome Jealousy, Envy, & Competition

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