3 Things Actors Can Do When They Move to L.A. (A Christian’s Perspective)

3 Things Actors Can Do When They Move to L.A. (A Christian’s Perspective)

Moving to L.A. can be exciting! In This Mini Blog Post I want to share with you a Few things Actors can do when they move to Los Angeles (From a Christian Prospective).

As someone who has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade I know God has called many Christians here to be a light in a dark place.

With that said, Let’s get into 3 Things you can do as an actor who is New to Los Angeles!

#1 Stewardship & Prep

Get clear on what God wants from you and steward that to the best of your abilities.

(We will go a little deeper on this in step two.)

#2 Put a Prayer Plan together

This can help with tip number one because if you do not know what God wants from you my advice would be to pray and seek God.

Ask The Lord to reveal to you and lead you to what His will is for this season of your life? Then the key is to faithfully practice obedience and walk in His will for your life.

#3 Build a Solid & Stable Community

Have a community of people in your life who are not in the Entertainment industry. You need community outside of the entertainment industry if possible. This will allow you to have a healthy balance of industry related people around you as well as non industry related people around you.

Because being constantly consumed with the entertainment industry and work can take its toll on many people.

 If you are an actor in LA or any other region and want to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ Check out my ‘Lights, Camera, Devotion’ Free Spiritual growth Kickstart Pack for actors.

God bless!



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