My Top Resources For Working Actors Who want to Grow in their walk with Christ.

My Top Resources For Working Actors Who want to Grow in their walk with Christ.

I Absolutely love actors and have a calling to help mentor actors in faith and Christian Spiritual Growth. I’ve put together a list of resources that could help working actors Grow in their walk with Christ.

So let’s get started!

1. The ‘Lights, Camera, Devotion!’ Spiritual Growth Kick Start

The Lights, Camera, Devotion Plan is an Audio Series with Keys to Spiritual growth for Actors & Media professionals just like you. It consists of super bite sized lessons (No more than 2 min per lesson) that you can use to thrive in your walk &  relationship with Christ.

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2. The ‘Rejection Fix’ audio Series

I created this short series to help actors learn how to move through rejection and overcome it. I do this via the lens of the Bible.

This takes you through how to overcome rejection while also helping to build you spiritually in your walk and relationship with Christ.

So essentially it has two objectives.

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3. The ‘How to Make Time for God’ Mini Class

This 5 minute class will help you with a very common question many people ask “How can I make time for God as a Busy professional?” This class is for those who are in any profession not just acting. I hope you enjoy it!

Ps. There’s over 100 (yes 100) more Faith based videos on my YouTube Channel for you to watch if that’s your thing!

Question(s) of The Day

So tell me,

  1. What has been your biggest struggle as a working actor?
  2. If you Identify as a Christian what is your biggest struggle as someone who wants to grow as a Christian?

You may submit Your Questions Below. (Only I can see each person’s questions). God bless!

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